Medical Nutrition Therapy

Sometimes called Nutrition Counseling, MNT is a 1:1 meeting with a Dietitian to help you meet your goals. During the individualized time you will get a plan that helps you get and stay healthy.


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I can’t say enough about Allyson and Custom Dietetics.  I was recommended by my Doctor to see a nutritionist due to weight gain, A1C readings that put me into the diabetic range. I really didn’t know what to expect; I had hoped someone would magically give me a line by line diet of what to eat when and even better a way to magically make it appear before me ready to eat and my new lifestyle would be complete.  That’s not what I found.  What I found was someone who took time to learn about me and my craziness. Someone who listened and didn’t try to change me overnight.  Someone who patiently introduced small, realistic changes into my life, not just my diet.  My time with Allyson was definitely something positive for me; and I hope if you are reading this you give her a try; no matter how busy you are – you deserve this.  -Lori M. Lori M

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